{ Nemo }

This is Nemo, my little son. In two weeks he'll turn 7 years old (that's 41 in dog years.) He means the world to me. The past year he's had problems with his lymph nodes. We've always just though he caught a cold. After so much of this, I noticed the pattern forming. 
When they swell, I can't touch him and he hides out under the cover shaking for a few days. This time I wanted definitive answers.

So after a quick visit to the vet last week, we decided to get a biopsy done. The poor boy went crazy with his stitches, scratching at them and trying to get them out. Effectively bruising the mess out of himself. It got so bad that we made a visit to the Emergency Vet  one morning. After being talked down that he wasn't bleeding internally, it was just mass bruising, the vet gave him something for the pain and then sent us home.

Yesterday, was the first day I could pick him up without hurting him. He wanted to go out, to play, to sit in my lap. I have my Nemo back. After I took his stitches out, he went and rolled around outside for good measure. 

As for the biopsy, all seems to be well. It is not lymphoma. It just seems that he has highly reactive lymph nodes. Hopefully we'll find a better way of living with it so that he isn't in so much pain when it flares up.

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