{Eric and Heatherly}

Floco Torres attempting "Like a Virgin."

This wedding was the sweetest, cutest, and most calming wedding I've been to in a long time. Eric and Heatherly love each other so much, it was wonderful to see them finally get married. The ceremony was in Washington Park, we all stood to watch them walk down to meet the pastor. China doll(Heatherly's italian greyhound) was even in the ceremony. 
I'm so glad I brought my camera.


My dear friend, Caleb. 

We've known each other since I can remember. We always referred to each other as cousins since it seems easier than explaining how we know each other. I'd been wanting to take him out on a photo-shoot for awhile now, though time hasn't been on our side, and our schedules kept colliding, we were finally able to meetup Friday. I had an awesome time just getting to see him, and hanging out after we explored downtown.

{ Author's Apology | Live }

Went down to Savannah to see these guys play. Everyone in the band is so nice, and they put on a really great show. Check out their music.