{Rebekah and Clay}

Say hello to my beautiful older sister, Rebekah Ketterman. I love her so much, and I've been wanting to take photos of her husband and her for so long. She's works the night shift in Macon as a nurse, so getting our schedules to line up can be very difficult. We had our annual family gathering this weekend, giving us enough time and excuses to get together and take some photos. Although we were hard pressed for time, and with the light fading, we were working again nature.
Even though no one was able to take themselves seriously(we're an easily amused family) I do believe that I managed to get some really good photos of the happy couple.


  1. Sorry we were such a difficult case. Between goofy (me) and mischievous eyes (Clay) you were lucky to get any shots. Love them! Thanks!

  2. Cute pics... I haven't seen Clay in years.... Glad they are doing well!


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