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Which image do you prefer?

There are so many different ways to edit a photo. It's our job as a photographer to choose wisely on what method we will choose for each shoot. Sometimes our own personal style of editing clashes with the shoot in particular. It can make their skin look bad, or blows the colours way out. There are so many problems you can encounter once you get home and upload the photos from the day, the hardest sometimes being that everything looks good. Ha!

Above are 6 images of my boyfriend. The first is the original, straight out of the camera, never been touched. It seems that the most common filter that people slap on top of an image these days is yellow, although I've been noticing a trending uprise of the blues. You also see a lot of contrast in photos these days, like the second image.

Out of all of these I still like the original image, SOOC. But my boyfriend loves film, adores it. So I went with a film effect for these particular images. The end image has a nice grainy feel to it, and nothing is blown out. This is an image that I would print out to give to his parents, it won't ever look bad framed sitting in their house. 

Isn't he handsome? I think so too.


  1. i like the second one down from the left!! you are a lucky lady!! I'm your new follower! such a great blog! <3 x

    1. That's my second favorite in the batch. :) Thank you so much!


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