Originally I had a valentines shoot for today, but since it got cancelled, I spent the day working and curled up at home listening to Drew play his guitar. Going to start a "Our Mundane Lives" tag. Personal photos that I want to share with all of you.

This is most likely one of my favorite shots from the shoot with Beth on Saturday, although I don't include it in the set because it doesn't mesh well, with it's grain and film like tones. I just love the feel in this shot.
(click the picture to view a bigger image)

I took this the day I got my 5d mark ii in the mail. This are my two four legged children, Nemo and Comrade Fluffy. They're the most friendly(to each other) out of the bunch. Comrade had just pulled our window (dry erase)board off the wall, and shattered the center pane, we cleaned up and then everyone wanted to go out to the back porch to investigate. 

I take pictures of people, for people, but I also love fine art photography and photojournalism. You can see them blend into my style if you're looking. 
This is a shot of myself that I took.