{ Rebekah :: Bridal Session }

First off, I must thank my family for lending me their time, craft, and objects to be used. Second I must thank my boyfriend for tagging along, opening cow gates to get out this beautiful spot of land and being such a good sport around all us women. Third, a massive thank you to my friends who helped me pull this all together last minute.

Bella Flowers did the bouquet and gave the lovely green stems to be used as I needed.

To my sister, whom I love as adore,over the years we have grown so much closer than we were as kids and I'm so thankful for everything you do for me.

My sister got married a few years ago, and never had any wedding photos taken. I had been looking for something challenging and fun to shoot lately and this idea hit me. I have so many props at my disposal working at Antique Station, I finally decided to utilize my resources and go do.

This shoot was purely for fun on both of our parts. Again, thank you everyone!

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