{Family :: Personal Post}

Thought I'd post a little update showing the two newest members of our family, Ichi(white face) and Ni, also known at Thing 1 and Thing 2. They're two very adorable brothers that showed up out of nowhere, pretty sure someone dumped them at our house. They are wonderful, I love having kittens in the house. 
Guest appearances by Comrade Fluffy(white cat) and Nemo(dog).

{Amelia :: 1 month}

It's so fun and strange how the universe allows things to work. I've been really wanting to refine my style of photography and be able to show people what I mean when I say lifestyle photography with an artistic stance.
Then Beth called me.

My big sister was best friends with Beth growing up and she tended to always be at our houe or us at hers, she baby sat me growing up and likes to still tell stories about how much of a hellion I was. And now here we are, I'm photographing her husband, her child and their house. 

Amelia is a treat, she was so sweet, and even though we were working in some serious heat(108 degrees!) with practically no airconditioning to speak of, she was perfectly happy sleeping and watching us move around. I'm hoping to see so much more of this amazing child in the coming days/months.