{ A year in Review :: 2012 }

Holly Cow. It's been a year. An entire year!  I've learned so much, and I've evolved in both my art and my business sense. I know this is a lot of photos to wade through. But I feel like these represent the evolution that has happened this year. I shot my first wedding this year, and second shoot many more with fantastic photographers, and to each one of you I say thank you for the experience from the bottom of my heart. It's be a joy to work with each and everyone one of you! I worked with and alongside many amazing people this year. 

Been working seriously on finding me, and what I want to bring to you, each and every one of you that I work with and for. And I've finally found it, I have my direction, and I'm heading straight on towards my goals. 2013 will be amazing and I can't wait for the ball to drop so that I can hit the ground running. I'll still stumble here and there, as we all do, but I see my future ahead of me for the first time. I want to say thank you to anyone who has hired me, referred me, or has just been there for me this year. It means so much to me that you all take the time to look at my work, and that you actually like it! Bonus!

Kicking off the year with Imaging USA, get my learning on, 3 days of it! And then 3 days after that I have my first wedding of 2013, which I am so incredibly excited for. These guys are so cute, and it's going to be a gorgeous affair. I get giddy every time I talk about it!
I hope you all have a wonderful New Years, and stay safe!

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  1. Amazing amazing amazinggg!

    You're such an inspiration to me. I love your photos and hope one day I am as good as you are lol.
    I like how your pictures are so honest, if that makes sense. Nothing cheesy &fake just real life,emotions & true art.



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