Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to book a shoot?
I require a 30% retainer of the total amount, along with your contract to book the date of the shoot.

Q. What should we wear?
Regardless of the type of shoot, I always recommend wearing what you love. Wear clothes that show off your personality and who you are. Also avoid dressing up to a point that you’re afraid of sitting or having a good time. I also recommend avoiding heavy prints and graphic t’s.

Q. How long is a portrait session?
For engagements and couples shoots I ask for a good chunk of your time. It can be difficult especially upon first meeting to jump in and create amazing photos. I try to start with coffee or a light snack and get to know each other. Being comfortable with me helps you be comfortable in front of a camera that I’m behind. Most engagement and couple sessions last upwards of 3 hours, with about 2 hours of shoot time. I find it’s best to leave your afternoon open after the shoot incase we come up with and awesome creative idea that takes longer than we all expected.

Q. Can I upload my photos to facebook once I get my usb?
Absolutely! I love facebook, and I even include a folder that says ‘for web use’, where the photos are resized to upload properly and quickly to facebook or a blog!

Q. How many photos will I get?
Every shoot is different, because well, people are different! A typical portrait session will yield a minimum of 50 photos (except for mini’s.) I deliver a minimum of 400 photos for each wedding.

Q. What do you wear to weddings?
It all depends on the wedding. I always ask what sort of attire couples asking for at a wedding, and choose my dress based on their feedback. I rarely wear black, particularly during the sweltering summer heat here in Georgia!

Q. What if there is a chance for rain?
If there is more than a 40% chance of rain, then I will call you and we’ll reschedule the photo shoot, but please never consider the photo shoot off unless you’ve heard from me.

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