"I couldn't have chosen a more perfect photographer for my wedding. She was a dream and the images are all amazing!" 
- Catherine Benton | Charleston, SC

"I couldn’t have chosen a better photographer than Sarah Mellor. I found her through recommendations from other professional photographers. I used her for my outdoor, spring wedding. When it comes to her profession, she delivers and brings excellent results. I could tell when I first met Sarah that she was passionate about her art. She made sure we kept communication from the time I booked her till my wedding day. She arrived an hour early to my venue to find out where the best lighting and imagery would be. Her photography conveys more than a picture, it tells a story. Her photographic design aesthetic is breathtaking. She knows how to use lighting in different ways and she makes sure she captures the small details that are sometimes overlooked. Sarah Mellor is certainly a one of a kind photographer. I look forward to future family photos with her."    
-Stephanie Fritz | Byron, GA

"We LOVE you, Sarah Mellor! I am so happy that you were there today with me through it all! :) I cannot wait to see the pictures!! Thank you for being so creative.. I feel so blessed to have had you today!
- Anna Davis | Dexter, GA

"Good skills and a real passion for her work." 
- Jonathan Goode | Birmingham, AL

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